Show Spotlight: Summer of Heroes Hollywood Backlot DJ Dance Party

Is this the Eye of Agamotto watching?!

aka: The Dance Party That Shall Not Be Named!

For the Disney California Adventure Summer of Heroes, many locals were anticipating the return of a themed nighttime dance party for the park – preferably with a live band.

However, the promoted Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Dance-Off! turned out to be a daily audience participation show stop ala DJ’s Dance ‘n Drive.

But oddly stealthily, Disney California Adventure actually has added a nighttime DJ dance party – only it’s not on the published schedule nor is it advertised anywhere! Instead you just have to sort of stumble upon it or follow the pop music issuing from the former Diamond Mad T Party dance stage in Hollywood Land.

Here you will find the as yet unnamed Hollywood Backlot DJ dance party! Currently only temporarily scheduled for the next week or two, it is likely to be extended throughout the summer if perceived as successful.

Love this DJ – she’s just so bubbly and fun!

The dance party runs nightly, nominally from 8-10pm, but it may start a little earlier once the last Avengers Training Initiative shows have ended for the evening.

This unthemed musical entertainment opportunity once again allows little ones to bop till they drop. However, as a DJ-driven family-focused option, it’s still not likely to serve the young adult and adult population that regularly visited ElecTRONica and The Mad T Party on the weekends.

Ironically, by not being overtly themed (ala previous attempts such as Freeze the Night! or Jammin’ on the Backlot), I actually found it more appealing to stop and stay a while and watch the kids dance and interact with the bouncy DJ. It felt similar to the DJ entertainment in Downtown Disney.

If they keep it mellow and spontaneous as it currently is rather than trying to theme it and wind up feeling forced, it may be a nice spot to occasionally stop by on a summer night – if there isn’t a band you’d like to see performing at Tomorrowland Terrace at Disneyland Park instead!

Have you checked out this unannounced DJ dance party yet this summer? How do you think it compares to other nighttime dance party offerings at the park?


2 thoughts on “Show Spotlight: Summer of Heroes Hollywood Backlot DJ Dance Party

    • Yes, unfortunately this was just one of the limited time experiences available during the Summer of Heroes promotional event. Currently there is very little evening entertainment happening inside the parks most nights.


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