Disney California Adventure Summer of Heroes 2017 – Extras

I should have known that just because I thought I covered everything new being offered for the Summer of Heroes at Disney California Adventure in last week’s feature that I wasn’t done!

Sure enough – they have already plussed up the event and updated it, so today I’m going to give you a quick rundown on the changes and additions!

First of all, I did take a peek into the Sunset Showcase Theater (the former Muppets/now movie previews theater) and they are indeed showing an unadvertised clip show of all the Marvel movies to date leading into the next one – Thor: Ragnarok. It is similar to the Path of the Jedi clip show playing in Tomorrowland at Disneyland Park except, as with many of the movie previews they’ve done at the Sunset Showcase Theater, there are movie costumes to go see as well!

Costumes for Black Widow, Captain America, Thor and Hawkeye.

As a bit of a costume and prop nerd, I really enjoy these displays, whether they are at the park, at the D23 Expo (this year’s Expo is coming up soon!), or at the El Capitan Theatre.

Some new shows for the season are already being tweaked as I went back to see the Avengers Training Initiative again and they’d cut an entire segment (with power crystals) out of it. Not sure if that’s a permanent cut or not, but it did help the show run faster.

Avengers Training Initiative with S.H.I.E.L.D. agents, Black Widow and Hawkeye.

The park also continues to add to the Marvel offerings, seemingly in a testing phase to see what resonates most with the crowd. The results will likely ultimately be seen in the anticipated Marvel Land that’s been rumored for Disney California Adventure.

In this case, the newest additions include a Meet & Greet with Gamora in front of the Guardians attraction in Hollywood Land:

I think only Star-Lord can actually make Gamora smile – but she’s very cool to talk to! Don’t get intimidated!

There is also a Meet & Greet with Hawkeye over by the Avengers Training Initiative stage where Black Widow does her Meet & Greet daily.

Hawkeye – the underappreciated archer!

Both Gamora and Hawkeye are currently scheduled for early evening visits with guests, while Black Widow, Groot, Spider-Man and Captain America are all still meeting during the day.  Check the Entertainment Times Guide and the Disneyland app for the schedule.

While there, I also grabbed another of the special Summer of Heroes treats – the All-American Doughnut (available at Schmoozies). This Captain America-inspired dessert is appropriately enough like a mix of apple pie with a red, white and blue-sprinkled doughnut!

The All-American Doughnut. You can just see some of the apple pie filling oozing out the sides – yum! And yes, this thing was the size of a small plate!

It’s huge, it’s delicious and it’s VERY sweet – I actually had to share a few bites of it with a friend as I didn’t think I could quite finish it all myself. Though I may try again another day! For a doughnut, the price may seem a bit high (I’m a diehard Krispy Kreme fan and I could get four or five original glazed for the price of one of these All-Americans!), but it really is a very filling dessert that’s more than just a doughnut.

As a separate bonus themed-food discovery, on a recent visit I also tried another of the Main Street Electrical Parade snacks that have popped up since the return of that iconic performance – Brownie Bites with a chocolate parade logo piece on top!

How about a nice refreshing cup of brownie bites?

This is available at the Refreshment Corner (aka Coke Corner) at Disneyland Park. It’s a light quick chocolate-y snack that if you’re having a craving but don’t want to stand in a longer line at Jolly Holiday Bakery next door, might be a good pick-me-up!

That’s the latest from the Disneyland Resort! Hope you’re enjoying a great start to your summer and have a Happy 4th of July!

Have you met Gamora and Hawkeye yet at the Summer of Heroes? What other Marvel characters would you like to see in the future at Disney California Adventure?


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