One Hour at D23 Expo 2017 – Part One: Costume Displays

I hadn’t actually planned on going to the D23 Expo this year. I’d been priced out of being able to afford tickets, so I’d made alternate plans for last weekend including going to see a band gig at a concert in the park one night and seeing other favorite performers throughout the day and evening at the Disneyland Resort. But then thanks to a friend, I wound up unexpectedly getting a ticket for Sunday. I knew I needed to head over to the park that day around 12-ish, but I figured I might be able to squeeze in an hour or so on the Expo show floor, so I said yes, please, and thank you!

I knew from previous years that the earlier you arrived in the morning, the longer the wait to get in as it takes a while for the crowd and security to start flowing once the doors open. So I got there when I could and it took me “only” about an hour and a half wait in the line to get inside the convention center (as opposed to the two to three hour wait other friends reported who arrived earlier than I had).

The line outside the convention center. I know it just looks like a crowd, but it was a constantly twisting and turning line!

Once inside, sure enough, I was going to have just one hour to see whatever I could see before I had to leave. So this meant I couldn’t stand in line to get inside two of the most popular areas – neither the Parks & Resorts Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge area:

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge display area. This contained models and props from the new Star Wars lands at Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Nor the Walt Disney Archives’ Pirates display:

The Walt Disney Archives “Pirates Life For Me” showcase.

Instead, I had to wander the Expo floor and see what I could see! Fortunately this included a couple of great costume displays, which I will share with you today. Next week, I’ll share some pictures of other things I spotted while I was there!

First I walked right into some live action Disney princess and villains costumes.

One side of these “Fantastical Fashions” featured dresses for Giselle (Enchanted), Belle (Beauty and the Beast) and Cinderella (Cinderella):

Princess dresses.

The other side featured villain costumes including the Red Queen (Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland), Maleficent (Maleficent) and Cruella (101 Dalmatians):

Villain gowns.

I also spotted some Minnie-inspired fashion while roaming the floor:

Minnie dresses!

As well as some masks from the theatrical version of The Lion King:

Masks for Simba and other characters from the theatrical production of The Lion King.

And I was very happy to discover costumes for multiple upcoming films in the Marvel Studios booth!

Black Panther costumes:

And Thor: Ragnarok costumes:

That’s it for the costumes I saw during the hour I went running around the D23 Expo 2017. But stay tuned next week for more fun photos of other things I encountered while I was there!

Did you go to the D23 Expo this year? What was your favorite costume on display?


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