One Hour at D23 Expo 2017 – Part Two: Everything Else on the Expo Floor

Last week I explained that I unexpectedly wound up being able to spend one hour of one day visiting the D23 Expo 2017. While there I saw several terrific costume displays, but I also saw other wonderful random things at various booths. So today I’m going to share with you some of the other sights from my brief exploration of the Expo floor that day.

For example – a picture of Dory and Nemo created entirely out of Jelly Bellys at the candymakers’ booth!

This picture of Dory and Nemo made from Jelly Bellys was still a work in progress when I visited their booth!

I also watched folks interact with this 10 foot tall Spider-Man at the Sphero booth!

There was some beautiful artwork to be found at the Walt Disney Family Museum booth as they promoted their current exhibit featuring the tremendously talented Disney artist Eyvind Earle.

Eyvind Earle exhibit information at the Walt Disney Family Museum’s booth.

While wandering I also found Moana’s boat available for photo opportunities:

As well as an area to take pictures with several life-size Cars figures:

Lightning McQueen!

There was also an original Disneyland Railroad Combine Car on display:

One of the most popular booths – with an average 2-3 hour line to get in, I heard! – was the DuckTales booth where you could jump into Scrooge’s money bin!

Wouldn’t you love to jump into that pile of money?!

The US Post Office even had a booth where you could purchase the just-premiered Disney Villains stamps!

Disney Villains postage products available at the Expo.

So happy the Queen of Hearts was included in this set!

But probably one of the most amazing displays on the floor was one with massive Groot and AT-AT balloon creations!

Incredible Groot and AT-AT balloon display!

There was also a large area of the Expo dedicated to sales booths where you could purchase all manner of Disney collectibles, including Disney pins:

Oooohhh, shiny!

Being a Disney pin collector, I couldn’t resist briefly stopping by some of these booths and I may have indulged and bought a Cheshire Cat pin while I was there!

Finally, over the course of the Expo, there was also a mini-parade with performers and large balloons that would pass through the main floor space at certain times. I happen to catch a quick glimpse of one of these shows:

What was your favorite item or booth or experience out on the D23 Expo 2017 floor? What do you wish they had there that isn’t represented?


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