Character Spotlight: Disneyland Resort Update August 2017

Once again I’ve been noticing some different characters out and about around the Disneyland Resort, so I thought I’d share a few pictures!

At Disneyland Park, Fantasyland of late has proven to be a wonderland of characters, literally – none of whom are listed on the daily Entertainment Times Guide nor the Disneyland app. It’s just a matter of being lucky enough to stumble upon them at the right time!

I’d heard repeated rumors – yet constantly missed – seeing multiple Alice in Wonderland characters roaming the area near the Mad Tea Party attraction lately until I FINALLY achieved a major character goal which was to meet the Tweedles!


Yes! Tweedle-Dum and Tweedle-Dee have been repeatedly out interacting with guests. They don’t always stop for photos, so you may have to catch them on the move, but when I recently saw them, they were not only posing for pictures but they stopped in the middle of the walkway by the attraction and had a “dance-off” with guests! It was fantastic to see the characters playing with the guests this way!

Tweedles at play with guests!

Having had a fair amount of playtime over the years with always fun Chip ‘n Dale, there is absolutely a difference between characters who appear together rather than characters who appear more often individually. There’s just an extra level of mischief and cooperation with two characters rather than one. And getting to see both Tweedles cavorting in the park completely made my day!

But they were not the only ones in the area at that time. I also saw the Queen of Hearts:

Her Majesty – the Queen of Hearts!

AND the White Rabbit:

But given that meeting the Tweedles was a major priority for me, I didn’t get close to the others that day as my attention was otherwise occupied.

It was incredible to see so many characters from one film all together in one area like that. I wish we had this opportunity more often!

Another character I’ve caught roaming around with more frequency lately is Gaston. I tend to see him most often around the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique, coming and going through Fantasy Faire near the castle.

No one’s quick as Gaston – so you often have to snap a fast picture as he’s walking!

But he can also be found on the path on the other side of the castle, too, near the Wonderland restrooms.

Switching over to Disney California Adventure, as yet another marvel-ous addition to character appearances for the Summer of Heroes, I have spotted Thor on multiple occasions wandering through Hollywood Land – generally from Hollywood Boulevard down to the Guardians of the Galaxy Mission: BREAKOUT! attraction.  I’ve even seen him interact with Black Widow as she stepped out for her Heroic Encounter.

The best of these experiences though was finding him INSIDE the Marvel merchandise-carrying store on Hollywood Boulevard – he was complaining about the lack of Thor items in the store window to guests and cast members alike! I don’t think I’ve seen a funnier encounter with a character at a park ever than that one. The cast members were as delighted as the guests in this magical moment!

Thor – in store!

I’ve also seen random characters popping up on the Disneyland app recently – from Boba Fett to Pocahontas, so if seeing rarer characters is a priority for you, make sure you check the app a couple of times a day while you’re at the Resort as well as just keeping your eyes open as you never know who could show up!

Have you seen any rare characters lately at the Disney Parks? Who would you like to see there?


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