Character Spotlight: Disneyland Park Halloween Time Update October 2017

Since there is a lot to cover for character updates during the Halloween Time season at the Disneyland Resort, I’m going to separate this into multiple reports. Today’s will cover the characters you may encounter at Disneyland Park, while next week we’ll take a look at some of the fun costume changes that have appeared for characters at Disney California Adventure.

Meeting on Main Street in their familiar garb from the past few Halloween Time celebrations are the Fab Five of course.

Here’s Mickey! But don’t get spooked by his costume – he’s still the same lovable mouse as always!

Cruella De Vil is out in Town Square as usual, but lately I’ve spotted the Queen of Hearts there, too! Happily, I actually found her listed on the Disneyland app so I knew when to look for her!

Her Majesty, the Queen of Hearts!

In other locations, the popular Meet & Greet area for Jack & Sally (The Nightmare Before Christmas) in the Sky Room between the shops in New Orleans Square has reopened for the Halloween season. Be prepared for long lines for this duo!

IMG_7952 sm wm

Visiting with one Jack in New Orleans Square!

And to my pleasant surprise, I then found this rascal roaming through Adventureland and New Orleans Square recently!

Captain Jack Sparrow!

He’s not listed on the Disneyland app and he doesn’t do a formal Meet & Greet, but ala Gaston you just have to catch up with him while he’s moving and hope for a signature or photo opportunity. Fair warning: Jack is VERY popular with guests and can cause a huge crowd to form instantly when he’s spotted, so it’s not easy to get a photo with him; stay persistent but polite – even pirates don’t like rude people!

At the Star Wars Launch Bay in Tomorrowland, there was a recent update to the character Meet & Greets for the Dark Side of the Force. At different points there, you might have met just Darth Vader who greeted guests for several months, then you might have met just Kylo Ren who stayed for another several months. Then back to Lord Vader again. Well, now it’s a toss-up which of these two you might meet in the Launch Bay on any given day! (For reference, they both now may appear at Jedi Training: Trials of the Temple as I’ve heard they’ve replaced/removed the Seventh Sister there.) But don’t worry – you can still get your Wookiee hugs from Chewbacca on the Light Side Meet & Greet! As always, the Disneyland app is the best way to keep up to date on their schedules. Or you could always just ask a Cast Member inside.

Boba Fett is now listed for times pretty regularly on the Disneyland app, making it slightly easier to catch this popular but elusive bounty hunter at the Launch Bay as well!

Mousertainment Tip: Even more characters may be found out and about at Mickey’s Halloween Party (now sold out for the season) at Disneyland Park. So if you’re a fan of meeting the characters, that event is definitely one to plan for next Halloween Time!

Have you seen any unusual characters or characters in unusual costumes out during Halloween Time in the parks this year? Who was your favorite to find?


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