Character Spotlight: Disneyland Resort Update March 2018

With no new shows added lately, I have been spending much of my time at the Disneyland Resort visiting with characters – often with the Marvel characters.

You never know when Loki may turn up again!

Sadly, as of yesterday, Thor & Loki are no longer meeting in the Hollywood Backlot at Disney California Adventure. While we hope for their return sooner rather than later, in the meantime, we have received a new visitor to the park – T’Challa, the Black Panther!

You can’t miss Black Panther entering or exiting the Hollywood Backlot area at Disney California Adventure!

Much like Black Widow this past summer, T’Challa makes his grand entrance on an Avengers transport vehicle and is accompanied by his guards before stopping to Meet & Greet with guests on Stage 17 in the Hollywood Backlot.

His guards are an awesome part of seeing Black Panther at his Meet & Greet – they are FIERCE!

Mousertainment Tip: This Meet & Greet is very popular right now. Be prepared to wait in quite a line to meet Black Panther. If he is your priority, the earlier you can get there, the better! For his daily scheduled appearances, check the Disneyland app. But if you just want to catch a glimpse of him, you can see him traveling through Hollywood Land just prior to and just after each Meet time as he heads into and out of the Hollywood Backlot on the back of an armored truck.

I have had fun visiting some of the classic Disney characters as well, both in scheduled locations, such as Alice and the Mad Hatter in Fantasyland, as well as roaming characters like Gaston. I was even hijacked the other day in New Orleans Square by Captain Jack Sparrow himself, who needed my help to find some treasure on Tom Sawyer Island!

But it’s always exciting to find unexpected characters out and about. For some reason, the Pinocchio characters have been very visible at Disneyland Park for the past few months!

I’ve seen Gepetto out at least twice:

I saw Pinocchio and Gideon together (traveling with Snow White’s Evil Queen, no less!):

Yes, I was having a character meltdown at this combination, too! Simply amazing!

And I passed by Pinocchio out by himself just the other day. I also saw John Foulfellow several weeks ago but didn’t get a picture as he moved too quickly, sorry!

In another random sighting, I spotted one of Cinderella’s mice friends on Main Street a few weeks ago:

And several of the princes were apparently out with their princesses in Disneyland Park for Valentine’s Day.

Ariel and Prince Eric on Valentine’s Day!

I only saw Ariel & Eric, but I heard that Snow White’s Prince and Prince Philip were also greeting guests with their princesses, along with Aladdin and Flynn Rider (who regularly appear at the park anyway).

These have been my fun character finds lately. How about yours?

Have you seen any rare characters in the Disney Parks recently? Do you plan to go visit T’Challa at Disney California Adventure?


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