Performer Spotlight: Noel @ Main Street Ragtime Piano

Forget about your worries and your strife…”

Noel is always smiling and happy to say hello!

I am LONG overdue for this spotlight, as this wonderful guy has been at the Ragtime Piano on Main Street U.S.A. at Disneyland Park for about a year now! Where has the time gone?!

One can find Noel tickling the ivories at Coke Corner multiple days a week to the absolute delight of everyone who gets to see and hear him. His repertoire – which is constantly growing – consists of timely jazzy ragtime standards and simply a ton of Disney classics!

On any given day I’ve gone to see him – and I do try to stop and see him as often as possible – I’ve heard him play anything from “The Bare Necessities” to “It’s a Small World” to “You Can Fly” to a fun ragtime version of “A Dream is a Wish Your Heart Makes”.

What makes him especially impressive is that I’ve never seen him use sheet music – ever! Once he learns a song, it’s just magically exuding from his head to his fingertips onto that piano!

Still smiling!

Noel is a perpetual delight to watch and his upbeat attitude and clear love for music and Disney and performing for guests make him one of my favorite people in the park hands down!

No matter what time of year – Noel brings good cheer – in this case at Halloween Time!

He is jovial and welcoming to all and he always makes my day better when I see him playing. He’s really the definition of an awesome Disney Cast Member and professional performer. He is just a joy and a super nice person to interact with at the park as well as a terrific piano player!

Is he your favorite performer?


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