Performer Spotlight: Flynn Rider @ Mickey and the Magical Map

I’ll admit that Mickey and the Magical Map is not one of my most regular shows to visit at the Disneyland Resort as I’ve had other favorites take precedence over it.  However, I have seen it a LOT due to my favorite Mapmaker (sadly, no longer a regular there) and because the show is a top choice of a family member. And happily, there are still plenty of talented singers and dancers to be found there including one of the absolute greatest vocalists in the park:

As if he walked right out of a movie screen…

When Flynn Rider steps out on to the stage and this guy starts to sing, you can’t help but listen wide-eyed and open-mouthed at the exalted notes emanating from him.

Every single time I hear him perform a song, I feel transported to the glorious days of Technicolor movie musicals – it’s like hearing a Gordon MacRae or Nelson Eddy singing live in front of you. He’s got this amazing classic throwback sound to him that’s simply enchanting to hear – just an overpowering unreal beautiful boundless baritone that sweeps you up in it every time he sings. 

Flynn Rider and Rapunzel

Combine that tremendous voice with the gorgeous harmonies of the Princess medley (Flynn and Rapunzel sing “I See the Light” from Tangled, of course), and it really is one of the best show-stopping musical moments in any show at the park.

While I miss my favorite dancer terribly and this has reduced my visits to see Magical Map, any time I pass the Fantasyland Theatre and hear this guy singing (because really, his voice is impossible to miss!), it is always worth stopping to just revel in the sound of it. He truly has a special gift and it’s an absolute thrill to hear. The quality and tone of his voice is really unparalleled at the park. And admittedly, he’s easy on the eyes, too!

Now that’s a smolder!

Is he your favorite performer?


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