I’m jj and I’m a fan of Mousertainment – that special blend of magic, talent and storytelling that is alchemically mixed into a particular brand of pixie dust beloved around the world.

Here on this blog I want to spotlight and celebrate that talent and those magical creations – from iconic animated and live action films to fantastical television shows to that one special souvenir with your name on it – but especially the theme park entertainment which enchanted me from a young age and continues to be a source of great joy in my life.  If I could go anywhere or do anything – I would rather be at a theme park in the middle of the magic.

With that said, this blog may occasionally wander off-property for brief sojourns, but it will always find its way home again to the Mouse.

The blog will offer the personal opinions and viewpoints of the author and does not reflect those of nor is it affiliated with the Walt Disney Company. All content including articles and original photographs are copyright the author and are not for re-use or re-publication elsewhere without permission.

Everybody ready?

Then on with the show!