Mousertainment Miscellanea – I Didn’t Know That! #3 – Disney Floral & Gifts

Today we’ll spotlight another wonderful Disney Parks (and home!) service that not many people know about: Disney Floral & Gifts!

Did you know that you could have flowers sent to your Disney Parks Resort Hotel at either the Disneyland Resort or the Walt Disney World Resort?

How about Christmas stockings or even a Christmas tree?!

How about having your ENTIRE HOTEL ROOM decorated by Disney magical helpers and filled with Disney merchandise?

It can be done! With the help of the Disney Floral & Gifts Dream Makers team…

This is probably the best Disney service I’ve never actually had the opportunity to experience – but hope to someday!

At the Disneyland Resort, they offer options currently ranging from the $43.95 Minnie Magical Moment roses in a vase all the way up to Mickey and Minnie’s Grand Magical Welcome – Family featuring in-room decorations and gifts for $549.95. While at the Walt Disney World Resort, you can find anything from a Pixie Dusted Rainbow rose wand for $45.95 up to Mickey & Friends Ultimate Birthday Celebration featuring in-room decorations and gifts for $548.95.

The Dream Makers can also create a custom assortment for any occasion. But really, they seem to have something for everyone! Continue reading


Resort Hotels Mousertainment – The Cadaver Dans at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa

“One day we’ll both be reunited…”


Mousertainment Memorandum: Welcome to my 300th post on this site!

I first found out last year that The Cadaver Dans were making some rare daytime excursions to Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa at the Disneyland Resort.

These fearful fellows are the Halloween Time cohorts of The Dapper Dans of Disneyland (they have cadaverous counterparts at the Walt Disney World Resort, too!).

But in previous years, the main way to see them was to buy a ticket to either Mickey’s Halloween Party at Disneyland or Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party at the Walt Disney World Resort.


Last year, however, I was tipped off that it might behoove me to stop by the Grand Californian on the afternoon of a Halloween Party night. I did so and was delighted to discover that I could catch a set of these nearly-departed denizens performing from a balcony above the hotel lobby.

This year, once again I heard tales of the Cadaver Dans haunting the lobby with their mournful music, so I went to check it out… Continue reading

Resort Hotels Mousertainment – Christmas Carolers at the Disneyland Resort

The Goode Time Carolers singing outside of Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel.

The Goode Time Carolers singing outside of Goofy’s Kitchen in the Disneyland Hotel.

If your holiday season is not complete without hearing Christmas Carolers, then you’re in luck as the various Disneyland Resort Hotels all feature nightly appearances by various caroling groups!

While in previous years, Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa has hosted more traditional Dickensian-style carolers, this year they opted for something different. Splitting weeknight performances at this location are two different groups – The Beverly Belles (on Thursday-Sundays) and The Tinseltones (on Monday-Wednesdays). The half-hour-long set appearance times are on the half hour from 5:30-8:30pm, and the shows are sung in front of this year’s Grand Californian Gingerbread display near the Christmas tree in the hotel lobby.

The Beverly Belles singing in the Grand Californian Hotel.

The Beverly Belles singing in the Grand Californian Hotel.

On the night I went, The Beverly Belles were appearing. This adorable trio of girls opts for a 1940’s pin-up style and sound (ala The Andrews Sisters).  They keep in character for their comedic interactions with each other and the audience. Their performance reminded me a bit of the very-missed Minnie’s Fly Girls show.

I enjoyed their vocals both a capella and singing to piped-in music tracks and I appreciated how they played with the children who gathered in the lobby to watch and listen! Their set was more of a “show” rather than impromptu singing but it was very well put together and managed to address a multi-faith audience by not only including Christmas songs, but Hannukah songs as well!

My quibble, however, is that they don’t quite suit the theming and stately atmosphere of the more classic Grand Californian Hotel, whereas they’d be so right for the mid-century modern Disneyland Hotel!

And yet, whom did I find singing inside the Disneyland Hotel this year? The Dickensian-style carolers who previously appeared in the Grand Californian! Continue reading

Towel Animals – Making Your Disney Resort Hotel Room Entertaining

IMG_6733 sm wm

Hmm… there’s a familiar-looking shape to those towels…

One of the things I love most about staying on property at a Disney Resort Hotel are all the little touches that tell you exactly what “World” you are in!

Be that themed hotel rooms or little Disney soaps and shampoos in the bathrooms or the one thing that makes me feel like such a kid again every time I enter my room…

Towel animals!

Starting with the not so Hidden Mickey in towel form that greets you when you first enter your room…

063 sm wm

To the more creative shapes and creatures that you may find have visited your room while you were out playing in the parks! Continue reading

Resort Hotel Spotlight: Alice in Wonderland Water Play Area at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa

Reason # 1,000,001 that I would love to stay at Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort & Spa at the Walt Disney World Resort:

IMG_6948 cr wm

The Alice in Wonderland-themed Water Play Area!

Okay, yes, it’s for the young ones, but… I wanna play there, too! Or at least just sit and relax and enjoy the Wonderland view.

This beautiful location opened in Fall 2012 and has madly entertained young Resort guests ever since…

IMG_6952 sm wm

As the beautiful Victorian-style Grand Floridian Resort & Spa has always had a particular affinity for Alice and her Wonderland friends (as well as Mary Poppins and her friends!), it seemed a perfect fit when this delightfully-themed play area was introduced!

And of course I wanted to go see it! Continue reading

Resort Hotels Spotlight: Adventureland-Themed Rooms and Resorts

This week we’ve looked at great Adventureland-themed entertainment – both live and animatronic – as well as awesome places to grab a drink or a bite to eat that are themed to Adventureland attractions. But what if you want to really immerse yourself in Adventureland theming all night long? What are your options at either the Disneyland or Walt Disney World Resorts?

Surprisingly, the answer is quite a few! And at varying prices too!

Let’s start by looking at the Disneyland Hotel…

Recently, the three towers of the hotel were re-branded to: Adventure, Fantasy and Frontier. So one third of the Disneyland Hotel itself is already themed to Adventureland!

But if themed lobbies and displays in public areas aren’t quite enough for you, there are two really high-end options available at the Disneyland Hotel – either the Adventureland or the Pirates of the Caribbean Signature Suites!

Here you can be fully immersed in either in the gorgeous and very masculine Jungle Cruise-inspired décor of the Adventureland Signature Suite – or in the luxurious buccaneering stylings of the Pirates of the Caribbean Signature Suite – fit for a Pirate King and his crew!

But such fantastical options may be out of some/most/almost everyone’s price range.  So what if you REALLY want a Pirates of the Caribbean themed room but can’t afford a Signature Suite at the Disneyland Hotel? Continue reading

Restaurants Spotlight: Tangaroa Terrace and Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar

The outside of Tangaroa Terrace dining location.

The outside of Tangaroa Terrace restaurant.

Tangaroa Terrace – a dining spot clearly related at least in name to one of the gods of the Enchanted Tiki Room!

This counter service location found at the Disneyland Hotel quickly became a popular destination for both hotel guests and outside visitors alike thanks its tropically-themed and tasty food options. (Yes, the menu may remind you a bit of the Islands chain of restaurants!)

Inside, it is mildly themed with a light Polynesian/tropical style and some related Disney photographs on the wall.

Making the Disney-Adventureland theme connection inside Tangaroa Terrace.

Making the Disney-Adventureland theme connection inside Tangaroa Terrace.

There are a few tables and chairs inside as well as patio dining available outside.

The small menu adds some South Seas flavor (a.k.a. often adding fruit to the dishes) to breakfast meals as well as lunch and dinner. I haven’t had breakfast here yet – though supposedly the French Toast is very good and is somewhat inspired by the legendary Tonga Toast at Walt Disney World’s Polynesian Village Resort.

However, I did finally make the slightly long walk over from the parks (really the only thing keeping me from eating here more often!) to have a very good Angus Bacon Cheeseburger with sweet potato fries. And I’d definitely go back for that meal again!

If you wander around the side of Tangaroa Terrace, you’ll soon run into the entrance to the compact Trader Sam’s Enchanted Tiki Bar (the name is a mashup of references to both the Enchanted Tiki Room and a certain popular denizen of the Jungle Cruise!). Continue reading