Character Spotlight: Happy 100th Birthday, Captain America!

Wednesday, July 4th, was Captain America’s 100th birthday and the fans were out in full force at Disney California Adventure to celebrate!

Folks dressed up in their red, white and blue finest and gathered to sing “Happy Birthday” to Cap upon his arrival that morning (video link at the bottom of the article).

I saw a lot of terrific cosplay around and about for the day:

Oh, gee, now how did that Loki picture get in there? He’s such a mischief-maker! Sorry about that, Cap!

But I was happy just to be there to celebrate America’s Marvel-ous hero, Steve Rogers, on this milestone occasion! And in honor of the momentous event this week, I’m posting a few fun photos of him in all his patriotic glory! Continue reading


Show Spotlight: Pixar Pals Dance Party

What is the Pixar Pals Dance Party?

DJ at the Pixar Pals Dance Party

As part of this summer’s Pixar Fest, last weekend Disneyland Park began a nightly Pixar Pals Dance Party. Featuring a DJ spinning favorite pop and Disney tunes and leading guests in line dance choreography, this party is further energized by ongoing appearances of Pixar character favorites.

Each set of characters has a particular dance associated to them – from Russell doing a “Wilderness Explorers Hand Jive” to a “Green Army Men March” to characters forming a Conga line to a monster or food-themed dance. Plus other familiar songs with choreography are played such as the Macarena, so everyone can follow the DJ and Cast Members as they lead the moving musical fun!

Who are the performers?

On the first night I attended the party last weekend, along with the terrific DJ keeping the party going non-stop, special characters included:

Remy and Emile from Ratatouille

The Green Army Men from Toy Story 

Russell and Dug from UP 

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Character Spotlight: The 60th Anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland Attraction Brings Out the Characters!

This is my 400th feature for this site!  And I had no idea going into this week what I was going to write about, but I knew I wanted it to be special.

Some weeks I have a specific topic in mind – something I’ve experienced already that I want to share, or something I plan to seek out. But often, I just visit the Disney parks and note what I happen to encounter. And oh boy, did I have an encounter yesterday!

This week – Thursday, to be precise – was the 60th anniversary of the Alice in Wonderland attraction at Disneyland Park. This classic Fantasyland dark ride is unique in all the world and remains consistently popular as it has been periodically updated or “plussed” over the years.

I actually didn’t board the attraction this week – although I rode it fairly recently with friends – as a) I rarely take the time to go on attractions since my biggest park love is its Mousertainment! and b) I got VERY distracted yesterday when this happened in celebration of the anniversary…

The Alice in Wonderland Character Cast of Disneyland Park!

YES! In the most incredible character moment I’ve EVER seen, SIX Wonderland characters all came together for a photo opportunity and some very lucky guests got to have a Meet & Greet and pose with the entire group!

To say I was having a total fan meltdown when this happened would be an understatement.

I’d previously met all six of these characters, but usually in groups of two, or perhaps seeing two groups of two greet each other in passing, but never meeting guests while gathered all together like this!

It was an unadvertised amazing piece of Disney Parks magic and I’m just thrilled beyond words that I was there to participate and get photos! Continue reading

Character Spotlight: Redd the Pirate

We wants the Redd… Pirate!

Ahoy, mateys, there be a new pirate roaming about the Rivers of America at Disneyland Park – and her name is Redd!

I was fortunate enough to encounter this wench pirate as she was wandering just outside the newly re-opened Pirates of the Caribbean attraction with some guests.

Redd on an adventure with a lucky guest! (And I just have to say the detailing and layering in her costume is really beautiful!)

In my brief interaction with her, I was pleased to find the very essence of a modern incarnation of a Pirates of the Caribbean character. She would fit in perfectly with the films and would likely give Captain Jack Sparrow a run for his money!

I did not see Jack out meeting yesterday as he has been for the past several months, but Redd did say she was looking for him as he’d stolen her ship and she aimed to get it back! Continue reading

Character Spotlight: Doctor Strange’s Arrival and Captain America’s New Suit

Yesterday was an exciting day for Marvel fans at Disney California Adventure as the promised newest Avengers super hero finally arrived!

Sorcerer Supreme!

Doctor Strange has come to visit the park and Meet & Greet guests. He is a roaming character, like Loki currently is as well, and can be found wandering the streets and Backlot of Hollywood Land!

Here are some pictures of his first day out adventuring and conjuring:

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A Different Kind of Entertainment – A Mad Tea Party with Alice & The Mad Hatter

What better way to celebrate a royal wedding today than with a tea party? A MAD Tea Party, that is!

Unlike Musical Chairs with Alice & The Mad Hatter at Disneyland Park, which is not listed on the daily Entertainment Times Guide nor on the Disneyland app, but still happens fairly regularly in the afternoons at Coke Corner, it is a bit less often that you can find Alice and the Mad Hatter hosting a Mad Tea Party for guests.

I’ve seen this spontaneously happen anywhere from Fantasyland to Coke Corner on Main Street, U.S.A. at the whim of the Hatter – it is HIS tea party after all! Although Alice does insist on crashing it!

There’s always time for tea!

Generally it involves the Mad Hatter inviting a few lucky guests to join him and Alice at a table. He provides the tea cups and teapot – and the guests get to have the fun! Continue reading

Character Spotlight: Disneyland Park Star Wars Update May 2018

While the Pixar Fest may be getting all the advertising for the Disneyland Resort right now, as I’ve noted over the past few weeks, Marvel has been getting a lot of love at Disney California Adventure, too, thanks to the blockbuster release of Avengers: Infinity War.

But that’s not all that’s going on!

We are still a year or so away from the opening of Galaxy’s Edge (or as it’s more commonly referred to – Star Wars Land!) at Disneyland Park.  But in the meantime, Tomorrowland keeps giving us plenty of options – both new and returning – to enjoy!

Although Solo: A Star Wars Story won’t open in theaters until May 25th, as of Star Wars Day last week (May the 4th be with you!), several new offerings were added to Tomorrowland and I highly recommend using lightspeed to head over there and check them out!

First, Rey has joined the “Light Side” Meet & Greet next door to Chewbacca at the Launch Bay:

And instead of one pair of Stormtroopers roaming the area and “arresting” guests (if you’re lucky!), there are now two pair wandering about. PLUS keeping an eye on them and everyone else is Captain Phasma!

Roaming Captain Phasma is magnificent!

She was amazing and intimidating and you really have to hope she’ll pick you for a photo opportunity as it’s not guaranteed and completely up to her!

And the reason we have so many First Order Stormtroopers and their Captain out is because Anaheim has replicated the March of the First Order from Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Orlando! Continue reading