Towel Animals – Making Your Disney Resort Hotel Room Entertaining

IMG_6733 sm wm

Hmm… there’s a familiar-looking shape to those towels…

One of the things I love most about staying on property at a Disney Resort Hotel are all the little touches that tell you exactly what “World” you are in!

Be that themed hotel rooms or little Disney soaps and shampoos in the bathrooms or the one thing that makes me feel like such a kid again every time I enter my room…

Towel animals!

Starting with the not so Hidden Mickey in towel form that greets you when you first enter your room…

063 sm wm

To the more creative shapes and creatures that you may find have visited your room while you were out playing in the parks!

From beautiful formations like these towel swans:

066 sm wm

To a more whimsical and crafty creation like this towel chicken (dove? woodpecker?) I found one night in my room!

106 cr wm

Now the creativity and artistry does depend on the talent of the Mousekeeping staff who care for your room, but I appreciate even bonus efforts like these pretty towel fan formations I found added on my faucets one night next to the swans:

210 cr wm

Or these other little swans found on a table one night on another visit:

IMG_6930 sm wm

These are like extra special treats to be found in Disney Resort Hotel rooms. But whether or not many of these creations grace your room (and I have gone several nights without new additions at times), please do be aware of and grateful toward your Mousekeeping staff who make sure that your rooms are neat and clean for your return. And please do leave tips for all their hard work!

Personally, I prefer to leave a separate tip each day rather than at the end of my stay as I never know if the same staff will be in my room from one day to the next.

But whether it’s just coming in to a tidier room than I left, with the air conditioning wonderfully cooling things down, or the fun of a surprise towel animal waiting for me, I’m thankful for even a chance at an extra bit of Disney magic when staying on property and I really wouldn’t want to stay anywhere else!

What was the most creative towel animal that you found in your Disney Resort Hotel room? How did you thank Mousekeeping for that extra bit of magic?


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