Performer Spotlight: Farley the Fiddler

“So I fiddle when I can, work when I should…”

It’s frustrating to me that the defining live music atmosphere of Frontierland is hidden away in its farthest corners. Not only do I love listening to the performers at Big Thunder Ranch Barbecue, but I can’t be the only country music fan who just lights up at the sound of a fiddle! And when it comes to playing the fiddle, there’s no one like Farley the Fiddler!

IMG_9102 sm wm

Farley can generally be found either on the porch of the cabin near where Toy Story‘s Woody and Jessie often do Meet & Greets in the Big Thunder Ranch area or sometimes inside the Big Thunder Ranch Jamboree. But wherever he is, you can guarantee he’ll bring the fiddle and he’ll bring the fun!

IMG_9095 sm wm

And as any Farley fan knows, there’s a special little giveaway you may get once you’ve officially had “fun with Farley”, so be sure to stop to talk to him after you’ve had the pleasure of listening to him play!

IMG_9098 sm wm

This guy is just an utter delight and the music absolutely pours out through him. He generally is scheduled on weekdays but occasionally can be found on weekends as well. Check with any Guest Relations location and ask if and when Farley the Fiddler will be out playing that day.

And if you have any particular fiddlin’ favorites, go ahead and make a song request and he may just be able to oblige!

Have you had fun with Farley?

Update 1/13/16: Happily, Farley is one performer who will transition from his former location at the now permanently closed Big Thunder Ranch back up to the front of Frontierland.  Look and listen for him around the porch of the Golden Horseshoe Saloon!

Update 7/16/16: Here’s a good spot to look for Farley these days – in front of the shops in Frontierland!

IMG_6645 sm wm


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